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Posted on: 2016-01-07

Top investment strategists agree that the key to a successful investment portfolio is diversification. Through changing economic and political conditions, through turbulent financial markets, and through periods of fluctuating interest rates, investors can no longer rely on one single type of investment to help them achieve their financial goals.

Today, diversification is more important than ever. More financial advisors are recommending that their clients place a portion of their investment portfolio into tangible (hard) assets. Rare United States coins are renowned for their long-term price performance, especially during periods of crisis and economic uncertainty, and can provide long-term stability to a properly diversified investment portfolio.

Most conventional investments have capital gains taxes which are calculated against annual earnings or are assessed against an appraised or perceived value. Capital gains on rare United States coins can only be taxed at the time of liquidation. This allows your holdings to appreciate on a true compounded basis. And, unlike more conventional investments, there are no tax obligations on "like-kind" exchanges which allow investors to trade their coins for other coins of equal or greater value.

Rare United States coins remain one of the most private of all investments. Other than the reporting of any capital gains for tax purposes, there are currently no federal reporting requirements pertaining to the purchase or sale of rare United States coins. Investors can take physical possession of their rare coins. They are easily transportable and easily stored. Unlike gold bullion, rare United States coins are considered collectibles and, by federal law, cannot be confiscated in times of national crisis.

We often read the stories of the multi-million dollar collections that are dispersed or of the million dollar coin that is sold. But, these are exceptions rather than the rule. Premium quality rare United States coins are available in a wide range of price levels. Many excellent values in quality rare coins exist today. Rare coins, whether they be made of copper, nickel, silver or gold, are affordable to almost everyone.

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