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How to Sell Coins to MyCoinBroker

Posted on: 2016-01-07

Sooner or later, you or a loved one will have to sell your coin portfolio to take profits. The professionals at Coin Trader will be there to help.  Selling your coins is just as important as the process by which you bought them.

There are three general methods of selling your coin portfolio. You should know up front that each of them will involve your packaging your holdings and shipping them to Coin Trader headquarters. Some firms attempt to work off of exhaustive lists and descriptions, but there is really no way to give an exact value unless an expert actually examines the coins in person.

Method #1: Selling Directly to Coin Trader

Coin Trader makes a two-way market in rare coins and precious metals. We will purchase your portfolio or collection should you decide to sell at any time. This may or may not be the best method, depending on the nature and value of your holdings and market conditions.

Method #2: Consignment through Coin Trader

Coin Trader can sell your coins for you to other customers who may have them on their Want Lists. This can sometimes result in a greater return to you, depending on the content of your portfolio and market conditions at the time. It sometimes may take a little longer to get your money when you use this method while we seek a suitable buyer for your coins.

Method #3: Auctions

There are two methods of auctioning your coins: live public auctions and online auctions, such as eBay.  At Coin Trader, we recommend against auctioning your coins on eBay yourself. There are too many pitfalls and there is too much risk associated with such transactions, especially in terms of the price realized. Coin Trader has relationships with several of the industry's major auction houses and we can help you obtain preferential treatment and advantageous auction fees.

If you own particularly rare or high-quality coins, selling through public auctions can often help you obtain higher value for the coins you sell. In some cases when multiple bidders compete to obtain a coin, the price realized can really climb. However, auction sale of coins can take as long as 6 months, so if you are in immediate need of cash, this method may not be the best for you.


To send us your coins please forward them to the following address via First Class, Registered and Insured US Mail:

Coin Trader, Inc.
4532 West Napoleon Ave.
Suite 203
Metairie, LA 70001

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