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Why Invest In Gold?

Posted on: 2009-07-24
The primary reason to own physical gold, silver & Rare Coins is to protect the core portion of your portfolio from all kinds of social/political uncertainties.   Even in fairly normal times we are all aware of local events including hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.  Financial events abound, such as the implosion of the great NASDAQ bubble in early 2000 and the current fallout from the decline in the housing market.    Gold is the perfect investment to protect your core portfolio of paper investments from an inherently unpredictable future. 

Owning physical gold is like having fire insurance on your house.  Almost every homeowner in America owns fire insurance on their home.   Why do you own fire insurance?  Are you expecting a fire?   Are you planning a fire?  No, of course not!  You own insurance because you realize that sometimes things happen that are simply beyond your control.  Owning gold in your investment portfolio is like a small but crucial insurance policy on your financial future.

Gold protects against all kinds of uncertainty, from the insidious to the geopolitical to the bizarre. 

For example, investors realize that the US dollar loses value every year due to inflation.  As the Fed prints more paper dollars, relatively more money competes for and bids on relatively fewer goods and services.  Think about the differences in your cost of living in 1975 as compared to today.  While you may have been able to buy a house for $30k in 1975, you would probably have to pay $300k for the same type of house today.  Gold protects against the insidious erosion of paper currency values through inflation. 

Post 9/11, Americans are beginning to fully recognize the threat to Western Civilization posed by Islamic Fundamentalism and other religious and political sects that view terrorism as a valid political tool to advance their agenda.  If a terrorist event should befall a major US city, financial markets may close and you may not have access to your primary investment accounts for days or weeks.  Your physical gold held as insurance will almost certainly gain in value helping offset the decline in the value of your traditional paper assets. 

To put it simply, everyone should own some physical gold to act as insurance, just in case.  You will never actually know that you need financial insurance until it is too late, so you have to purchase gold before your think you need it.  Gold is the asset class of choice for proper portfolio diversification, and we recommend an allocation of 10% for conservative investors and 10% to 20% in today’s bull market for the yellow metal.

I am always available to give you expert and well researched counsel in regards to this very advantageous investment avenue.  We look forward to speaking with you soon and serving you in the future.


NOW is a great time to invest in rare coins and precious metals. Coin prices keep rising. 

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